Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

To be an Exchange Student!

I am an exchange student ...
How do you know what appreciation is when you have never realized what it means to be welcomed in a new home and family without any equivalent?
How do you know what courage is when you never decided to leave everything behind you, to start a completely new life?
How do you know what happiness is when you never went through one year of repeated excitement, fear and relief and finally can look back and say it was worth it?
How do you know if you like hard work when you never really tried to do it?
How do you know what experience is when you never realized the difference between it and things you have been told by others and think you got it?
How do you know what autonomy is when you never lived completely by yourself?
How can you appreciate things when you never experienced how it is like when they were granted before and are suddenly taken away from you?
How do you know what responsibility is when you never had to represent a whole nation?
How do you know what adaption is when you never had to leave parts of your identity behind in order to adapt?
How do you know that you should not judge too early when you never knew a person who unexpectedly changed completely?
How do you know what honesty is if you have never been honest to yourself?
How do you know what sadness is when you never knew that you’re gonna have to leave this life by a certain date?
How do you know all this if you have never been an exchange student ...
Das geht jetzt seit etwa zwei Tagen bei uns durch die Austauschschüler Gruppe im Facebook und jeder postet es auf seiner Pinnwand, also muss ich jetzt auch mal ran. Ziehmlich normaler Tag, nicht mal trainiert heute, dafür morgen aber wieder. Aber ich bin auf der Couch für fast eine Stunde nach der Schule eingepennt. Und dann habe ich eigentlich nichts mehr gemacht. Deswegen habe ich auch eigentlich nichts zu erzählen, tut mir leid.

So far, the week is almost over!


  1. Video ist in Deutschland nicht verfügbar.

  2. wieso bin ich nicht in der austauschschülergruppe? o.O